303A Portable Busbar Processing Machine

Sources:wenhui  Date:2019-07-11 17:40

303A Portable Busbar Processing Machine


This machine is based on foreign advanced productsAnd combined with the reality to improve work efficiency and ensure the safety of the operation Requirements.  

Suitable for on-site construction of large workshop and power transmission and distribution workand distribution cabinet and switch cabinet and other electrical appliances factory use.

High flexibilitySmall size and strong functionProduction capacity and work efficiency is very high.

Low noise and harmlessProcessed products are beautiful and will not cause pollution to the working environment.

Functions for multifunctional busbar processing machine:cutpunchbend Combined on the same plane. 

input voltage:1 PHASE 50HZ220V

Output of cutting and discharging machine :20ton

Cutting range(mm):Copper and aluminum busbar200×10

Output of bending machine :20ton

bending range(mm):Copper and aluminum busbar200×10

Punching machine output :35ton

Standard matching punching die :6sets

Weight of whole machine:216kg