LJMA-160 CNC Copper Busbar Milling Chamfering Machine

Sources:wenhui  Date:2019-07-11 17:47

LJMA-160 CNC Copper Busbar Milling Chamfering Machine

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Main function

The main function of CNC busbar milling machine is milling (round arc) of copper or aluminum busbars.

Main features

It is mainly used for milling corner of busbars with thickness of 6-16mm,width of 30-160mm and length of 260-6000mm.
Adopt the gantry mechanical structure, the design is simple,the operation is stable,the structure is rigid.
the installation with a six-position straight-line cutting tool,which can automatically replace the cutting tool according to the width of the busbar.
Automatic accumulative working hours function,and cannot clear zero.Together with the function of production counting and can clean zero at the same time.
Adopt international standard BT40 shank,easy changing cutting tool,good steel and high precision.
Adopt two axe control system,simple operation and convenient maintenance.
Can simulate operation and manual programme online.

Tech Parameter

Nominal pressureKN600
Machining rangemm3 * 30-6 * 200
Total powerKW4
Overall sizemm3600 * 1500 * 1000
Total weightKG1300